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Paul M. Finstein



With me on your side, you’ll be prepared to face any dispute or challenge from your tenants.

I have the litigation experience needed to help you succeed in court.
Career landlords face a variety of challenges and disputes with tenants. Many landlords I work with are veterans in the housing industry, but there are always situations that are "firsts." Regardless of your experience, I can help you resolve problems with your tenants by representing you in mediation and arbitration, hearings, and, if necessary, trial. I offer decades of experience and my knowledge of property and business law and create legal strategies that are right for you.

With over 40 years of knowledge and experience in real estate and business law, I'm confident I can help meet all of your legal needs.

In the three decades that I've practiced property management and business law, I have gained valuable experience and expertise as a landlord & tenant attorney. From mediation to trial cases, I have helped landlords protect their business, ensure their property isn’t being damaged or misused, and helped to ease their anxiety.

I have helped tenants who have been treated poorly, neglected, and discriminated against protect their rights and find a solution to their housing concerns. I also handle post-eviction cases and false claims of property damage cases post-moving out. Though these matters can be complex, I will take the time to understand your situation so I can explain all of your options.

As a landlord, disputes with tenants can threaten your business or leave you with questions about whether your business is vulnerable to potential lawsuits. When these situations arise, I will give you counsel and representation so you can pursue the best possible outcome.

If you are in East Greenwich, Rhode Island or surrounding areas and need legal advice or representation, I can help. Whenever there is a question about your property or business, you don’t want to put off finding the answer. Put my decades of experience on your side to protect your best interests and your legal rights. Reach out to me today and schedule a free consultation.